The title of the article is written on the first page with a center alignment. Author's name (without academic degree), email and affiliation must be written. Keywords are arranged alphabetically between two to five words.

The first author's name is written first, followed by the second, third, and so on. Article revisions and final decisions are informed via the application and email only to contributing authors. Author names cannot be abbreviated. If there are more than one author, the second author's name is written after the first author and separated by a comma (,). If the author's name is only one word, it is written as a name. However, in the metadata section of the online journal, the author's name must be written in two words with repetition of the name.


1. Manuscripts are authentic research results that have never been published.

2. The manuscript does not show plagiarism. The Editorial Board will immediately reject manuscripts that indicate plagiarism.

3. The submission process is free of charge. Meanwhile, the publishing process fee is IDR 250,000 per published article.

4. Manuscripts that have been written according to JPB provisions (using templates) must be submitted online using the Open Journal System (OJS) on the JPB portal.

5. Templates and terms of the manuscript can be downloaded.

6. Manuscripts that do not comply with the writing requirements at JPB will be returned to the author prior to the review process.

7. Manuscripts must contain several aspects of scientific articles: (a) title of the article, (b) name of the author (without title), (c) address of the author's affiliation, (d) email of the author, (e) abstract and keywords, (f) introduction, (g) methods, (h) results and discussion, (i) conclusions, (j) bibliography.

8. The manuscript consists of six to ten pages.

9. Articles submitted must be in camera ready form.

10. Articles are written using A4 paper size, with 3 cm margins on all sides.

11. The text in the article uses the font Times New Roman, 11pt, single spaced and one column.

12. Words which are foreign languages are italicized.

13. Each image is numbered before the image title below the image.

14. Each table is numbered before the table title above the table.15. Every figure, table and graph is centered.


Title of Manuscript: The title should be informative and clearly written. The title should not give rise to different interpretations. The first letter is capitalized and symmetrical. The title of the article should not contain unfamiliar abbreviations. The article title is written in a maximum of fifteen words, 12pt, and center alignment. The abstract contains a maximum of 250 words and is followed by two to five keywords.

Introduction: The introduction contains the background and urgency of the research. Also included is a literature review as the basis for the latest research questions, previous research studies that are relevant to the research being conducted. At the end of the introduction, the purpose of writing the article is stated.

Method: The method contains the method or approach used, procedures, instruments, data collection techniques and data analysis techniques as well as other matters related to research methods.

Results and Discussion: Research results can be described descriptively or presented in the form of graphs, tables or diagrams. The discussion is focused on connecting data and results of analysis with problems or research objectives.

Conclusion: Conclusions can be in the form of generalization results according to research problems, as well as possible development for further research. Conclusions can be in the form of paragraphs or bullet points using numbering or bullets.

References: References only contain all the libraries cited in the manuscript. The bibliography must contain references derived from primary sources (scientific journals and around 60% of the total bibliography) published in the last ten years.


All data or phrases or sentences in the manuscript taken from other articles must state the source. Writing a bibliography uses a reference manager application to maintain the consistency of citation methods and bibliography such as Mendeley, Zotero or others.